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Do you know how to convert your spaceship derby kit into a fast and sleek soaring machine? Do you know how to launch your spaceship at its top speed?

Soar to the Finish is just the resource you need to create and launch a competitive spaceship. You will find out:
  • How to achieve top speed with the basic BSA Space Derby® kit design.

  • Techniques for creating a balanced and symmetrical ship.

  • How to prepare and use your rubber bands to get the most thrust.

  • and much more ...
Complete with diagrams and full-scale templates, Soar to the Finish is available for immediate download or in a printed version. Don't miss out by not having this valuable resource as you build your spaceship!

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Dry Transfer Decals

Dry transfer decals are a fast and easy way to customize your spaceship. They apply quickly to the body without the mess and bother of water transfer decals. Unlike stick-on decals, these high-quality decals can be rubbed around curves and edges, and there isn't a clear film around the edges of the decals.

Click on a decal picture to view a larger picture and application instructions.

Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever
Blazin' Flames

Blazin' Flames

Freedom Runner

Freedom Runner
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John M. - November 19, 2006 - We dominated in last night’s space derby! Out of the 57 participants, the top four were in the finals race (which included us of course). We had approximately an 8 foot lead on the second place entry! The most visual difference outside the finish was when it took off; ours looked as if it had rocket boosters compared to the rest of the entries. Thanks - my son was super excited!

Cory S. - October 17, 2006 - We smoked the competition again! This time it was in the Space Derby! The track could have been twice as long and we still would have shot off the end of it. No matter what the project, you guys have provided great advice and instruction on how to reach "Maximum Velocity"! Thank you very much for all the fun and excitement you've helped us have.

Bruce & Andrew N. - April 15, 2006 - My son and I built our space ship to your specifications and we won the Cub Scout pack competition going away. In fact, we were in an entirely different class - perhaps several classes away. The ship took off like it was indeed jet propelled. I am not much of an engineer type and don't like to reinvent wheels, but I can follow carefully written instructions. That's what your book gave us. We had great fun in the building process, even turned the rubber band and balsa selection into a scientific experiment. Thanks very much for your contributions to our "Maximum Velocity".

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